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“Enjoy It In Good Health”

All Natural

Chef's Recommendations

Whole Wheat Waffles/Pancakes

A wholesome tasty new addition to breakfast!

Yogurt Dip

A fresh new dip to accompany your crudité platter!

Yogurt Pops

A healthy snack for the kids!


Wake up or cool down with a smoothie!

Health Benefits


live active cultures - food labelingSimply put, yogurt is good for you. The health benefits of yogurt are well documented. (The legendary longevity of the Georgians is attributed to the health benefits of frequent yogurt consumption!) Among other things, live and active cultures, high calcium and protein content are key to its benefits:

• Promotes Digestive System Health
• Aids in Immune System Health
• Contributes to Oral Health
• 15% of Daily Protein per serving
• 20% of daily Calcium per serving
• Contains less lactose (for lactose intolerant)
• Healthy Substitute for Sour Cream
• Healthy & Delicious “Any-Time” Treat

Customer Testimonials

Lisa G

I just recently discovered your Lebany Premium Yogurt in my local store and I have to pass along my thanks for making such a fantastic product! WOW! This is without a doubt the best tasting yogurt I have ever tasted … EVER!

The flavor is so rich, so tangy, complex even! Nice super thick texture… this yogurt is a winner! We use it instead of butter on muffins, bagels, toast. It is great with fruit instead of ice cream.

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